Atlas launches new ‘Simple Pleasures’ drinking menu

Singapore’s Atlas bar has launched its 'Simple Pleasures' drinking menu, designed and developed by head bartender Lidiyanah' Yana' K and the Atlas team.

The menu explores the origins of four classic cocktails, the Martini, Sour, Old Fashioned, and the Champagne Cocktail, each with an illustrated chapter.

Each category gives an insight into the cocktail's heritage, followed by five drinks in this style, one being Atlas' signature version and four modern interpretations of the classic, including a no-alcohol interpretation.

Each chapter opens with a cocktail made in the milk punch style. Within the Sours category is the Ode To Odyssey, Atlas' take on the Ramos Gin Fizz, made with Australian shiraz gin, clarified milk and a toasted raisin-cinnamon syrup.

The Martini category includes the Montgomery, named for a specific style of Martini and built upon mint tea-infused vodka, dry vermouth and absinthe, with a garnish of olive oil caviar. 

From the Old Fashioned chapter, the Valley Of The Ashes, has a chocolate tuile garnish, made in-house.

The Champagne Cocktail category houses the Hope On The Horizon no-alcohol. This non-alcoholic version of the Champagne Cocktail uses kombucha and yuzu to mimic its flavours and finished with a table-side pour of kumquat, pomegranate syrup, and lime juice.