Le Clos unveils Penfolds Grange collection spanning 60 years

Fine wine and luxury spirit retailer Le Clos has unveiled the ‘most complete and unique’ collection of Penfolds Grange. 

The Penfolds Grange collection at Le Clos – situated in Dubai International airport – is now available for AUD 660, 000 and includes every vintage from 1951 to 2010.

The makers of Penfolds Grange worked closely with Le Clos to certify the collection, including the re-corking of six vintages by Penfolds chief winemaker, Peter Gago.

Oliver Dixon, head of Wine at Le Clos said: “We are honoured to have the opportunity to bring such an iconic wine with global reverence to our customers travelling through Dubai International.”

Peter Gago, chief winemaker, Penfolds added: “We are delighted that Le Clos has curated the complete 60 years of Penfolds Grange vintages, which comprises 61 bottles and have now made it available to buy at the crossroads of the world in Dubai. With an established reputation for bringing rare and unique products to market, Le Clos is an ideal location to bring the Penfolds Grange story to global consumers.”