Old Forester Bourbon The Original Hipster announces winner

Steve Lawson of London’s Mash Steakhouse was named Old Forester Bourbon – The Original Hipster winner at the Highwater Bar, Dalston. 

The final saw 13 nationwide finalists – the number of years that Prohibition ran from 1920 - battle it out to create an Old Forester Bourbon serve based on a twist of the classics served in the Pendennis Club from 1900s Kentucky.

Finalists were judged on the taste of the serve, presentation skills and the reasons why they thought their serve should win.

Steve Lawson said: “I’m delighted to win the Old Forester Repeal Day competition amongst some tough contenders. I’m looking forward to the prize and sipping on lots more Old Forester!”

Lawson wins a glass blowing course and a limited edition bottle of Old Forester not available in the UK. Runners up took home an antique decanter and an Old Forester bourbon special edition bottle.

UK brand ambassador Tom Vernon added: “It’s such a vibrant cocktail scene in London, it’s refreshing to see people take on a classic product like Old Forester bourbon, giving it a modern interpretation. Something that George Galvin Brown would have been very proud of, seeing classics re-ireintiproted in the 21st century style, the same way he re-interprented the way bourbon was made.”

Lawson's winning serve, Spice of My Life, consists: 50 Old Forester bourbon, 25 Spiced apricot brandy, 15ml Noily Prat Ambre. Add all ingredients, roll them in a boston shaker. Serve in a chilled glass or a small medicine bottle