Bacardi launches green tea spirit

Bacardi has launched a spirit distilled entirely from green tea leaves for the Asian market. 

Tang will initially be available at DFS Hong Kong until May, when distribution will extend to select partner restaurants in China.

“When we succeeded in creating Tang, it made sense to us that China be the first in the world to experience it,” said Guillaume Dock, Bacardi’s global research and development director.

“With green tea forming the cornerstone of Tang, we believe we have created a truly unique product that tastes entirely new yet inspires a nostalgic familiarity that will intrigue the most discerning Chinese Palate.”

Bacardi recommends consuming the spirit neat, at room temperature, without ice.

The name is inspired by the Tang dynasty, China’s first Golden Age of antiquity and the beginnings of its profound appreciation for tea, a ‘holy herb’ held in high esteem ever since.

Tang will carry an RRP of HK$1888 (US$250) for a 500ml bottle. Each batch comprises 2,000 bottles; the first 500 units are numbered.