New Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory

The 2015 Wine Industry Directory publishers say the new 2015 Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory has 103 new Australian wine producers but for the first time in three decades has shown a net loss in the number of producers.

The WID claims to provide “comprehensive listings including contact details, varieties, tonnage, personnel and visitor facilities for wine producers in Australia and New Zealand.

"Plus a detailed industry overview, a calendar of events, including wine shows and details on the industry's suppliers, organisations, wine writers, wine media, distributors, retailers and more than 9,000 personnel”.

The latest edition of the WID lists 2,481 Australian companies who commercially sell their wine.

WID editor Michael Major said: “The net loss in the number of wine companies isn’t entirely indicative of the overall health of the Australian wine industry, which saw an increase in domestic sales of wine the past year.

“Whereas we did see a number of companies go out of business, others merged with larger companies while some companies dropped their wine production and focused only on grape growing,’ he said.