Vinadeis: a new wine group

The leading French cooperative wine group, Val d'Orbieu-UCCOAR, has unveiled a new name, Vinadeis, and announced a strategic partnership with France’s number one French agricultural cooperative group.

Announced at Vinexpo this week (June 15) the Languedoc-Roussillon cooperative and InVivo plan to be at the forefront of the agri-food sector and wine in particular and, in doing so, create a French wine producer of international size.

The stated objective of the two is to “speed up the development of the two arms of the company: Cordier for the brands and petits châteaux and Mestrezat for grands crus".

The new grouping came about partly as a result of InVivo buying the large Bordeaux merchant, Cordier Mestrezat Grands Crus, which owns the Cordier wine brand. Vinadeis, as it is now, already owns 22% of that merchant.

Vinadeis chairman Bertrand Girard told Drinks International: "France has some of the most famous wines in the world but we have not been able to create high profile brands for the heart of the market due to the structure of the French wine sector which is very fragmented and small scale.

"France has found it hard to find a way in the branded wine market.  We know the recipe. We have the technical ability. We have the vineyards and we have the climates.

"We can be the king of varieties. We have the quality and the volume. We can build brands. Out of this garden we can get the best expressions of each varietal and express them in our own style - finesse, elegance, not too oaky.

"We do have a big ambition, a clear vision to develop brands," said the former Danone executive.

About Vinadeis

1,600 winegrowers

45 estates & châteaux

11 wineries

17,000 hectares of vineyards in Aquitaine and the Rhône Valley.

400 employees

Turnover: €268m (France 73%/27% export)

Exports to: 60 countries)

About InVivo

223 cooperatives

300,000 farmers

8,000 employees in 28 countries

Turnover: €5.4 billion (2013-2014).