Frizzenti extends still wines in keg range

Sparkling wine supplier Frizzenti has announced it will add nine new reds, whites and rosés to its range of still wines in keg. 

The wines - sourced from France, Germany and Portugal – were developed to provide a range of wines that “provide a practical solution for today’s pub and bar industry”.

Daniel Spinath from Frizzenti said: “There is definitely a move in the UK towards buying wine by the glass which is why we have extended our range of still wines in keg.  One misconception we’re overcoming is that wines served on tap will be poor quality. 

“Of course kegs are not suitable for wines that need to be aged in the bottle, but around 90 per cent of wines produced are made to be drunk young and it is these that are perfect for kegs.  We have worked with a wine expert to develop our range and believe that we now have the best selection of on-tap wines in the UK for the pub, bar and high street restaurant sectors.”