Tullamore DEW opens its Ultimate Distillery Experience

Tullamore DEW, the Irish whiskey owned by William Grant & Sons, has open the doors of its distillery to the public with the launch of its Ultimate Distillery Experience.

The distillery, a €35 million investment, opened last year. In its first year, the production team laid down 22,392 casks, with production capacity set to double in 2016.

There will be three new tours, said to provide a true Irish experience. The tours will showcase the craftsmanship in creating the triple blend Irish whiskey.

Visitors will follow the path of the production process, from still house to warehouse, and create their own blend in the distillery's blending room. They will get lunch at the Old Bonded Warehouse on Bury Quay – the original site of the distillery.

Whiskey Wise Masterclass is the second of the new tours, with visitors discovering the life of Daniel E. Williams, the founder of Tullamore DEW. Visitors will get to taste six of Tullamore’s rarer whiskeys in a session in the Williams’ whiskey gallery.

The Curious Taster's Journey completes the tours. A whiskey expert will take guests from grain to glass.

Tullamore visitor centre marketing manager Cathy Sullivan said: “There's something engaging and fun here for everyone – from those with little knowledge of whiskey to true whiskey explorers."

The Ultimate Distillery Experience opens this month. Enthusiasts can book the tours at: http://tullamoredew.com/en-gb/visit-us