Douglas Laing to distribute Glenturret across Europe

Glenturret Distillery has announced that Douglas Laing is its European distributor for Glenturret single malt scotch whisky.

The Edrington-owned brand announced the launch of a new core range in November 2015: The Glenturret Sherry Edition, The Glenturret Triple Wood Edition and The Glenturret Peated Edition. It is this new portfolio that whisky blender and purveyor Douglas Laing will distribute across Europe.

Until last November's launch, only a small proportion of the single malt produced at Scotland's oldest distillery was bottled as such, with the majority destined for blending in The Famous Grouse, Scotland's best-selling whisky.

Last year saw Glenturret Distillery celebrate its 240th year with the relaunch of its core malts, as well as the launch of two limited edition malts. The Crieff distillery claims to be the only one in Scotland to hand mash during production.

Glenturret's Stuart Cassells said: "You'd be forgiven for calling this new range the ‘relaunch’ of The Glenturret, some 240 years after it was first established. However, we deem it simply The Glenturret Launch, on the assumption that this silent hero of a single malt probably never had a launch at all.

"Despite the passing of time, these new whiskies - The Glenturret Sherry Edition, The Glenturret Triple Wood Edition and The Glenturret Peated Edition – draw on the very best of our traditional production methods from way back in 1775, requiring only five pairs of skilled hands to produce these exceptional malts. Cared for in bespoke wax-dipped bottles, these are single malts that deserve recognition, and we are thrilled to partner with Douglas Laing to take the brand to new heights across the European market."