Bar industry pays tribute to Dick Bradsell

The bar industry’s leading lights have paid tribute to Dick Bradsell after the cocktail legend passed away at the weekend.

Former American Bar headbartender Peter Doreli, speaking at Think Gin in London yesterday, told the industry: “It’s a very sad moment. We lost a great guy. He was a dear friend – I knew him for many years. He was a great mixologist and he did it [mixology] in the eighties and nineties.”

“We are what we are because of him. He energised all of us to be what we are today. To experiment and to challenge ourselves. He was a great creator. Dick Bradsell: it was a pleasure knowing you – you left a legacy that will go on for years and years.”

Alessandro Palazzi of Duke’s Bar added: “As a bartender he was an inspiration. He opened my eyes to simplicity. Thank you Dick.”

Dick Bradsell is famously known for creating cocktails such as the Espresso Martini and the Bramble.

Bea Bradsell, his daughter, posted the following statement: “To the bartenders out there: I think what my Dad would want me to say is “think of your customer”. On many occasions he’d say to me; “your average customer doesn’t care who you are, they just want a good drink and quickly”.

"I know Dad is known for the drinks he’s created, but that was such a small part of the job for him. It was always about serving people well, taking the time to care. It’s always amazed me that he had regular customers (now friends) that had followed him from his very first cocktail bar the Zanizbar. Most of his cocktails didn’t exist back then – what they followed was the service, and sadly that is a thing that is rapidly disappearing. So please take the time to get to know your customer, they may just be your new best friend.”

A Just Giving fund, raising money for the drinks industry charity The Benevolent has been created in Bradsell’s name. The Benevolent has offered support to Bradsell’s family since his untimely death.

To donate follow the link: