Marie Brizard announces "sharp" increase in 2015

Marie Brizard Wine and Spirits has announced that its 2015 annual results are “sharply up and in line” with 2018 ambitions. 

Following a first half of 2015 devoted to the implementation of various projects, the second half of the year saw the initial results of this which confirmed the “pertinence of its positioning” in the wine and spirits market as the main contributor to the growth of the market in France, Poland.

Brands that did particularly well include Fruits and Wine which exceeded 1 million 9L cases; Sobieski which exceeded 2 million 9L cases to become the number two vodka in France (its 2018 target); Krupnik which exceeded 4 million 9L cases, becoming number two on the Polish pure vodka market and William Peel, which reached almost 3 million 9L cases.

Jean-Noël Reynaud, CEO of Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits, said: “2015 enabled us to confirm the upper end of the target brackets we defined in our strategic plan. The improvement in our profitability is healthy and was achieved.”

However, the group’s 2015 net sales totalled €451.1 million, which was a slight decrease of 0.3% compared with the 2014 figure.