Copenhagen By The Glass dates announced

Copenhagen By The Glass launches next month, in collaboration with Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival.

The August 19-21 show – which is supported by Copenhagen’s best bars and bartenders - aims to showcase Danish spirits and mixology, whilst having a wider hospitality agenda.

Event organiser Geoffrey Canilao of Balderdash bar, said Copenhagen By the Glass will “reflect and give a voice to the Copenhagen drinking landscape, its temperament and diversity”.

The not-for-profit show will be held at Halmtorvet 11, 1700 Copenhagen, Denmark.

Along with tastings across cocktails, spirits, wine, tea, coffee and more unusual libations, seminars will be put on by Danish cocktail bars, concentrating on bartending skills, innovation and sustatinability practices.

Bars: Balderdash, Ruby, Atze Peng, Holmens Kanal, Gilt, Duck & Cover, Lidkoeb, K Bar, Blume, Curfew and Stork will take part.

The show will include a bevy of talks and panel discussinos. International guests such as Alex Kratena and Monica Berg will be in town for their talk on ‘What the Amazonian jungle has in common with modern bartending’.

While Nick Strangeway will run a session on foraging and Henrik Hammer and Peter Altenburg will tackle ‘Cocktail Pairing with Scandinavian Cuisine - From Science into reality’. 

Copenhagen By The Glass will also be overlapped by Copenhagen Cooking Week, which runs from August 19-28, showcasing the best of Copenhagen’s cocktail scene.