Frapin's Max Cointreau dies aged 94

Cognac Frapin has announced Max Cointreau died on Wednesday October 19 in his home town of Gensac la Pallue, near Cognac, at the age of 94.

Cointreau devoted his working life to the spirits industry, starting his career in 1942, and up until death presided over the Domaine Château de Fontpinot, the owner of the Frapin brand, in the heart of Grande Champagne, Cognac.

As joint managing director of the Renaud Cointreau group, he worked not only at developing Frapin Cognac but also Gosset Champagne, as well as the liquor arm of the Group Pages Vedrenne.

He served as president of the National Union of Liquor Manufacturers, of the GIE Grandes Liqueurs de France and as President of the Social Commission of the National Council of Wine and Spirit for eight years.

Although appointed a Foreign Trade Advisor of France, he was active in Charente public life, being the Mayor of Gensac la Pallue (1969-2001), General Councillor of the Canton de Segonzac (1973-1985) and Regional Councillor of Poitou Charentes, which resulted in him being awarded the Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur, the highest decoration in France, and both the Mérite National and Palmes Académiques, decorations for distinguished national figures.