Symington family announces new Douro estate acquisition

Symington Family Estates has purchased a new property in the northeastern area of the Douro valley. 

The estate directly adjoins the 101-hectare Quinta de Ataíde that produced Symington’s Douro 2014 red wines, which will be available in the UK early next year.

The Vilariça valley, where both estates are located has a relatively flat landscape. Charles Symington, the family member responsible for viticulture and wine making, said he has been increasingly impressed with the quality of the Douro wines made in this remote valley and this is the primary reason for the new acquisition.

“The low annual rainfall and the fine soils in the Vilariça valley permit low-intervention farming and Quinta de Ataíde already possess 81 ha of organically farmed vineyards. This policy has helped to create a unique area where wildlife abounds, with Griffon Vultures and majestic Golden Eagles being a common site soaring above the vineyards,” Symington said.

Quinta do Carrascal currently has 52 ha of olive groves, 33 ha of vineyard, 13 ha of mixed farming and 27 ha of natural scrub. 

The Symington cousins added: “We love the environment in this wonderfully remote valley and this was an opportunity not be missed as we know how good the wines are from here. Many will call us mad to be investing in more vineyards during these troubled times, but we believe that there will always be a place for fine Port and great Douro wines.”