VINEXPO to host Brexit plans in France

VINEXPO will address the key Brexit issues facing the wine and spirits industry at its 2017 wine show in France on June 20.

Britain is set to trigger Article 50 on 28 March and subsequently leave the EU, and VINEXPO wants to confront the potential changes in trade agreements, duty free opportunities and the impact on UK consumer prices. 

Jane Anson, the wine writer set to moderate the conference in Bordeaux said: “Because the UK is the world’s second largest imported wine market and a major spirits exporter, the Brexit challenge is as acute for the UK as it is for wine producers in France, Italy and Spain and elsewhere in the world.”

The value of UK wine imports is running at circa £28 billion according to VINEXPO/IWSR data for 2015 and volume imports are forecast to slow over the next five years.

VINEXPO believe it is possible that the UK could lose its leading position for re-export, see changes in market duties and a potential decrease in export figures.

Exports of all spirits from the UK reached £4.9 billion in 2016, according to the Wine & Spirit Trade Association, the major part lead by Scotch whisky exports.

More than 48,000 wine producers and buyers from 150 countries are expected to attend the VINEXPO conference in June.

Guillaume Deglise, CEO of VINEXPO added: “In a wider context, among our 48,000 attendees there will be producers and buyers currently excluded from the EU favourable tariff zone who see Brexit as an opportunity to penetrate the UK wine and spirits market.”