Sparetap targets new wholesaler alternatives for craft beers has been launched in the UK to enable London restaurants to stock beer from independent breweries without using wholesalers.

Sparetap claims to be five times cheaper for breweries to deliver its product than wholesalers, which will allow bar and restaurant managers to stock premium beer at better prices.

Founder, Dom Thorpe, created Sparetap after quitting his role as a brewery manager in response to ‘frustrated restaurants’ who failed to buy successfully from wholesalers.

Thorpe said: “The big vision for Sparetap is to create choice with an independent craft beer in every restaurant and bar in the UK. All you need to take part is one spare tap.”

 “Small, independent breweries are creating some of the UK’s best beers yet most hospitality businesses don’t have access to them. Through tight-knit relationships with large UK wholesalers, mega-breweries exert incredible power over the choice of beer across the UK.”

Sparetap allows bars and restaurants to find out how much their taps are worth to independent breweries and the site has free, industry-first tools to menu match beers, offers free accounts and purchases are available under a single invoice.

The company will only allow breweries onto its cliental list that triple filter and pasteurise its beer whilst techniques of mass-produced beers are not eligible.

Thorpe, added: “The irony is these (mass-producing) breweries spend millions on processes to extend shelf life. Then create an unforgivable carbon footprint as the beer is transported via various depots, often taking months to hit the bar before it’s served.

“Whilst craft breweries down the road can offer bars and restaurants fresh beer, within days of packaging, packed with flavour, without any shortcuts in the brewing.”