Fentimans launches new syrup range

Fentimans has introduced six new syrups in the UK on trade market under the name House of Broughton.

The new range of House of Broughton syrups is designed to compliment existing Fentimans mixers and soft drinks and is packaged in 500ml bottles.

John Carslake, Fentimans representative, said: “We worked very closely with a panel of top bartenders throughout the development of our new House of Broughton range.

“We learned that other syrups are considered as being too sweet, so we addressed this issue by creating syrups, which have a higher flavour strength.”

The six flavours of syrup includes cucumber, ginger, rose, elderflower, raspberry and ‘simple’, which Fentimans says is a natural way of sweetening a drink without flavouring it.

Carslake added: “This means that less syrup is used so then less sugar is added to drinks which avoids over-sweetening.

“It makes it easier for bartenders and users to achieve the optimum balance between flavour, sweetness and sourness; therefore, they can use less and achieve more.”

Fentimans has also created a guide to creating classic cocktails using its new range of spirits including the Cucumber Mary, Ginger Mojitos and Whiskey Sour, available here.