UK supermarket appoints 'sommeasier'

UK supermarket chain Asda has appointed a ‘sommeasier’ to simplify the language on wine labels making it easier for consumer to choose a wine.

According to Asda, more than a third of UK drinkers buy the same wine repeatedly, while 15% spend less than 10 seconds choosing a bottle and 42% find wine language confusing.

Asda wine expert, Ed Betts has taken up the role of Sommeasier and compiled an easy to understand guide to help customers successfully navigate wine.

“With so many colours, grapes and countries to choose from, selecting a bottle of wine can be daunting,” said Betts.

“Whilst some restaurants have wine specialists called sommeliers, we wanted to come up with a simple solution to enable customers to have the confidence and understanding to make the right choices for themselves – so the idea of a ‘Sommeasier’ was born.

“Our sommeasier guide will help remove the mystery around wine and the jargon associated with it encouraging shoppers to try something new.”