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Jeremy Clarkson lambasts wine lovers
Published:  31 October, 2017

Anybody read Jeremy Clarkson in Sunday's Sunday Times (Oct 29)? I know he is right of Genghis Khan and has a tendency to thump people who don't organise a plate of steak and chips for him. But I defend his right to be totally politically incorrect, to write what many people think but increasingly daren't say - and, by the way, he can write and can be extremely funny, sometimes.

It has to be said, Clarkson is exactly what a good columnist should be; thought provoking, challenging, while at the same time be informative and, hopefully, amusing. Anybody remember Malcolm Gluck? He could write beautifully but acerbic, unkind and vindictive, Malcolm could be...

In Sunday's column, Clarkson extols the virtues and pleasantries of drinking rosé (nothing wrong with that), while lambasting the likes of a great many of us who, not only enjoy white and red wine, but know about both.

He managed to get a mention in of his favourite rosé: Chateau Léoube. I imagine there might be a case or two of that winging its way to him.

Anyway apparently, someone gave Clarkson a case of '85 Cheval Blanc (lucky chap!) but was told to share it with someone like me who happens to know about wine. We then get the usual clichés about long wine lists, sommeliers and the ritual of tasting the wine.

Anyway, according to Clarkson (here comes the punch line) apparently the likes of me, he describes as "a red-trousered, pompous, arse and would never have some one like me round to his house (shame).

Apparently, people like me, make Clarkson's blood boil - so we live in hope....

Anyway, I must dash as my red trousers need ironing for the next tasting...