Eisberg supports responsible cycling

Eisberg, the alcohol-free wine, is expanding its involvement in cycling by sponsoring this summer’s Tour Of Britain and sponsoring two pro cycling teams, Storey Racing and Canyon Eisberg.

The UK’s number one alcohol-free wine brand is also sponsoring the Tour Series events, Women’s Tour, Tour de Yorkshire and the six-day London track event.

The brand’s involvement in cycling last summer saw sales spike by 66% year -on-year for the duration of the Tour events, according brand owner, Halewood Wines & Spirits.

The company says the decision to back the sport was driven by research conducted in 2016, which identified the emergence of men as consumers, with this group reducing their alcohol intake as part of an active, healthier, lifestyle.

Halewood’s director of wine Andrew Turner, said: “The growth in people consciously reducing their alcohol consumption continues to develop and grow, and we are seeing a new raft of drinkers who are on the lookout for alternative options that don’t compromise on taste or quality.

“2018 is going to be  a great summer of cycling, where Eisberg will be present at every stage. Being on-site at each race allows everyone, pro riders and spectators alike, to raise a glass and celebrate after a great day of sport,” said Turner. 

The UK alcohol free drinks sector is now worth in excess of £37.7 million (Nielson, 52 weeks, w/e November 4, 2017), and Eisberg has 60% market share. Eisberg is also available in: the Channel Islands, Lithuania, New Zealand, Nigeria and Sweden.