World’s first vodka museum in Warsaw

Vodka has its own museum, opening tomorrow (June 12) in Warsaw, Poland. The Polish Vodka Museum claims to be the world’s first and only place dedicated to “honouring and celebrating the rich and centuries long tradition of crafting Polish vodka”.

The museum is said to be devoted to Poland’s national alcoholic drink and is housed in the revitalised Koneser Praga Center in Warsaw. 

The Polish Vodka Museum is said to be a ‘must see’ for vodka enthusiasts and connoisseurs featuring five thematic exhibitions and a screening room.

The museum will take visitors will learn about the history of vodka commencing with a screening of a film retelling the history of vodka, the museum also includes modern multimedia installations and is home to the Vodka Academy Bar.

In the bar visitors will be treated to a tasting and an educational workshop on the principles of serving Polish vodka and how to pair it with food.

The bar located beside the museum is said to serve vodka-based cocktails. The museum is located in the heart of Warsaw’s traditional vodka industry, in a 19th century historic distillation and rectification plant in the regenerated Praga-Północ district.

The museum is housed in the Warsaw Vodka Factory ‘Koneser’, neo-Gothic buildings which were once home to Polish vodka brands Luksusowa and Wyborowa.

Polish Vodka Foundation CEO Andrzej Szumowski, said: “Polish vodka is inseparable from Polish culture and customs and it is a staple export celebrated around the world for its renowned and exquisite flavour and superior quality. Visitors to the museum can learn about the centuries-long and rich history, tradition and production methods of Polish vodka.

“During educational workshops on Polish vodka, visitors will have the opportunity to discover various flavours and aromas of Polish vodkas made from traditional Polish cereals and potatoes.”
Work on the Polish Vodka Museum began four years ago and the project was supported with more than €560,000 from EU funds.

The Polish Vodka Museum is open daily, to adults only. Admission tickets include a voucher for a Polish vodka tasting.