Rebecca Asseline: Expect the unexpected

Asseline made her way into the bar scene at Eclipse, London, where she made contacts that led to her role with Courvoisier. Although she was born in France, her second language is Spanish – not English – which lends itself to hosting events, not least her dinner parties.

“I love cooking. I’m a feeder. When I have people around to eat everyone there will have had a few cognacs and I will start playing something or singing – although I’m not a great singer,

I mean it.” Her modesty shines through.

This year has already been full of milestones for the cognac, music and travel exponent. Not only has she moved back to her homeland and celebrated her 10th anniversary with Courvoisier, she turned 40.

“In France we have what we call our wolf pack, a group of my oldest friends from when I was 15 at school, and we’ve all stayed close,” she says.

To celebrate the big day, Asseline and her canine friends rented a huge domain in the French countryside to relax, party and roll back the years.

As well as her old friends in France, she will also have her brother. “It will be super for me moving back to France because I have one older brother who lives there and he’s my rock. He lives with his lovely wife, it’s perfect.”

Asseline’s musical relationship has followed her through life and, having grown up with jazz and moved through a range of genres as she developed as a person, it’s fitting that she has now returned to where it all started.

“I think music can be a way of staying close to your roots and who you are.” Poetic words. Perhaps not a princess from another planet.