Non-alcoholic 'spirits' brand Stryyk hits UK

Alex Carlton, founder of Funkin Cocktails has launched Stryyk, a new range of non-alcoholic spirits available in the UK.

Stryyk Not Rum and Stryyk Not Gin are the two non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ which have been released in various on trade locations at RRP £15.

Carlton said: “Both products are free of sugar, fat or any artificial flavours and in my mind Stryyk is the first truly satisfying and believable alternative to spirits.

“People still feel left out when they they tell their friends they aren’t drinking, but having something like Stryyk as an alternative can change this way of thinking.

“We’re really pushing the idea of people telling bartender to ‘Stryyk their cocktails’ and we have all our trademarks in place to do so. We want people to understand what our products are all about; ‘All the spirit, none of the alcohol’.”

The two products were created in partnership with bartender Tom Soden over a 12 month period and Carlton told DI that Not Vodka would be added to the range at a future date.

Soden has also made a series of Stryyk serves which are now available at a variety of London-based bars including Nine Lives and restaurant chain Caravan.