Brewdog under fire over new ad campaign

Scottish brewing company Brewdog has come under criticism following its latest marketing campaign across the UK which sees its flagship Punk IPA compared against other brands.

Using the review ratings from, London-based agency isobel created billboards and newspaper advertisements to highlight the unpopularity of other brands while using straplines such as “Wassup Bud?” and “Good Call, Fosters?”.

Brewdog co-founder James Watt was involved in a Twitter spat with Good Beer Hunting editor Matthew Curtis after the advertisement campaign was launched.

Curtis Tweeted: “Slagging off other brands while using favourable data from a website owned by AB-Inbev? Yeah real nice.”

In response to this, Watt Tweeted: “Don't worry Matt. I would be upset about our advert too if I loved big beer as much as you do and was on their payroll.”

Watt also sent out a separate Tweet which directed the public to a blog post on the Brewdog website about the launch of the new campaign.

The blog post read: “Industrial beer is our nemesis and the fact that it outsells all the hard work of craft breweries many times over is a travesty. But there is a way to change all of that.

“Our intention with the campaign that you’ll see from today, is to highlight the difference in quality and taste between craft and mass market beers, as we continue on our mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are.”