Today is World Mental Health Day

The Benevolent, the charity for the UK drinks industry, presents its recommendations to safeguard employees’ mental health on World Mental Health Day

The Benevolent is presenting its first set of recommendations aimed at safeguarding the mental health of employees of the UK drinks industry.

The trade charity has decided to launch this project on October 10 to coincide with World Mental Health Day, which focuses on global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.

This year, alongside the launch of its first mental health campaign #NotAlone, The Benevolent presented a report that underlines the current mental health difficulties experienced in the trade, with the goal of creating and implementing a set of rules for the industry aimed at safeguarding the mental health of its employees.

The charity has now produced this set of recommendations which, it believes, will have a huge impact on companies operating in the UK drinks industry, and move the trade closer to its ultimate goal of a stigma free environment in the workplace.

Several companies in the industry have decided to take a leading role in raising awareness about mental health by publicly endorse these recommendations. The companies are as follows:

Accolade Wines
Berkmann Wine Cellars
Bibendum PLB
Broadland Wineries
Direct Wines
Distell International
Emporia Brands
Hallgarten & Novum Wines
Hospitality Ulster
London Wine Fair
Pernod Ricard UK
Red Squirrel Wine
Treasury Wine Estates

The Benevolent is pleased to include several company’s practices, alongside other case studies, to be taken as an example of good practice. Companies here explain how they are working to safeguard the mental health of their employees.

To see the list of recommendations and case studies click: 

Benevolent CEO Chris Porter, said: “The level of support from the industry this year has been incredible. I am so pleased that we are seeing engagement in words now begin to translate into action. It is further proof of the commitment to addressing the daily issues faced by our colleagues who now no longer need suffer in silence, without anywhere to turn to or feeling isolated. The stigma is gradually being lifted and the conversation is opening. The words are turning into actions. There is still a long way to go, but the reception of the initiative by this wonderful trade demonstrates a real desire to deliver help and comfort to those who are facing mental health difficulties.”
To request The Benevolent’s mental health recommendations please email Alessandra Brugola, the Benevolent’s marketing & communications manager at: