American Bar to launch new 'Songbook' menu

The American Bar at The Savoy hotel, London has announced a new cocktail menu which will launch on Tuesday 2 April 2019.

The menu, ‘The Savoy Songbook’, will pay homage to the famous musicians and songwriters that have entertained guests in the bar in previous years.

It will list 20 cocktails that will be accompanied with a live album, recorded by the American Bar’s resident piano player, Jon Nickoll. 

"The American Bar is as much a piano bar as it is a cocktail bar,” said McGurk. “The aim of this menu and album is to celebrate the unique atmosphere of the American Bar, something our wonderfully talented musicians are integral to helping create."

Since the bar’s inception nearly 130 years ago, the American Bar has become one of the most famous cocktail bars in the world, winning The World’s 50 Best Bars in 2017.

The new menu has been created as a collaborative effort by the American Bar team, led by head bartender Maxim Schulte and director Of bars, Declan McGurk. 

The structure of the new menu mirrors the track listings of an album, with each cocktail’s title referring to a memorable line in the song that provided its inspiration.

When the menu is launched in April, guests will be able to download the album on Spotify and relive their night at the American Bar.

Examples from the new cocktail menu include: 

    • Breathless Charm – ‘The Way You Look Tonight’
Michter’s Bourbon, Muyu Vertiver Gris liqueur, H.Theoria Hystérie liqueur, argan tincture, orange blossom, oppopanax honey, soda

    • Window into Paradise – ‘Waterloo Sunset’
Beefeater 24 Gin, Cocchi Rosa, raspberry eau de vie, sencha cordial, Prosecco 

    • Crystal Star – ‘The American Bar Song’ by resident pianist Jon Nickoll’
Star of Bombay gin, Chartreuse & geranium cordial, Muyu Chinotto Nero liqueur, white port 

    • Radio Hurricane - ‘Reverend’by Kings Of Leon
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked bourbon, Pedro Ximenez sherry, salted chestnut liquor, Cocchi Savoy dry vermouth, papeda 

  • Concrete Jungle - ‘Empire State of Mind’Woodford Reserve rye whiskey – Calvados – 30&40 Aperitif De Normandie – red wine & rooibos reduction – lemon