Tequila gets European GI approval

The European Commission has approved the addition of Tequila into the EU register of geographical indications.

The protection was granted under the EU spirits regulation of 2008, giving it the same recognition as EU spirit geographical indications.

The recognition was passed on 20 March and GIs are seen as intellectual property, playing an increasingly important role in trade negotiations between the EU and other countries.

“Tequila is the most emblematic alcoholic beverage produced in Mexico and it forms an important part of the Mexican cultural identity,” said Phil Hogan, commissioner for agriculture and rural development.

“We know very well in Europe how the international success of a regional spirit drink can help to create high-quality jobs in rural areas and generate a strong sense of local and national pride.”

Tequila will be the third spirit to join the EU register of GIs as a third country product. The two existing ones are Pisco from Peru and Ron de Guatemala.

According to the EU, GIs protect the name of a spirit drink originating in a country, region or locality where the product’s particular quality, reputation or other characteristic is essentially attributable to its geographical origin.