Amstel campaign highlights UK pub industry health

Dutch brewing giant Amstel continued its campaign to bring people together by building a pub in London made entirely of garden fences.

The idea was to use something which usually separates people, to bring them together and the brand is putting a lot of focus on its UK pub presence.

Amstel brand director Nic Casby told Drinks International that he believes the UK pub industry is stronger than ever and will continue to grow.

“We have 20,000 stockists in the UK and therefore we’re becoming a key player in the OK on-trade and so we’ve put a lot of focus on the UK pub trade.

“Pubs are hugely important to Amstel, there’s been some closures over recent years but actually volumes are down while value is up and I would argue that pubs are stronger than ever and will continue to grow.

“With our campaign we want to connect people and bring them together and there’s no better place to do this than a great British pub.”