Glencairn Crystal records 15-year growth

Glencairn Crystal has now recorded 15 years of continued business growth following the release of its most recent financial results.

In 2004 the East Kilbride based company, which is owned and run by the Davidson family, recorded a turn over of £858K and in 2019, this figure reached £11.3m.

Scott Davidson, new product development director at Glencairn (pictured) said: “Our hardworking team and the worldwide growth of the spirits market, specifically whisky, has meant that we have been able to capitalise on what we do best – provide clients with a high-end customer service they can’t get anywhere else.

“Above all else we continue to put our customers and their needs first – something that is demonstrated through 15 years of continued growth.”

This growth is said to come from not only existing markets, but the expansion into new markets with China bringing the largest growth over the past 12 months.

According to the results, the US continues to provide “huge” growth for Glencairn and is now worth £4m a year to the company.

Glencairn now ships to 95 countries and works with more than 600 distilleries directly and in the past year the company has been commissioned by more than 30 different brands to create packaging for some of the oldest and most luxurious single malt whiskies ever released.