Bulleit founder 'steps back' over abuse claims

Bulleit Bourbon founder Tom Bulleit has been made to step down from his role as brand ambassador by Diageo following claims of sex abuse by his daughter.

Hollis B. Worth, daughter to Bulleit, wrote a letter to Diageo making these accusations, which have been denied by the Lexington-based Lawyer.

“Diageo learned of claims of abuse, directed at her father, through a recent letter from Ms. Worth’s attorney. These claims had not been previously brought to Diageo’s attention by Ms. Worth or anyone else,” said Diageo in a statement to the Herald-Leader. 

“While it would be impossible for us to determine the veracity of these claims, given their nature, it was decided that Mr. Bulleit would step back from his brand ambassadorship role. Mr. Bulleit strenuously denies his daughter’s claims.”

Tom Bulleit added in a statement: “I have willingly agreed to step back from my ambassadorship role while we honour our commitment to our customers, the LGBTQ community and our family to pause and demonstrate the falsity of Hollis’s accusations in full transparency and good faith.”