All Bar One turns to sustainable beer and cider

All Bar One has launched a new listing of draft beers and ciders called “All the Better with Beer”, which focuses on sustainability.

The range includes Brewgooder, which donates 100% of its profits to fund clean drinking water projects and Corona Extra, which has committed to cleaning up 1m square metres of the UK coastline - equivalent to 68 beaches.

Camden Hells is also listed due to its eco-friendly brewery in north London and Toast Ale is the final beer brand on the new list, which uses bread waste to create ale.

Three cider brands have been taken on by All Bar One, including Pip and Wild, which has targeted zero landfill waste, Mortimers Orchid Cider, which uses 100% English apples grown within 50 miles of the mills and Old Mout Cider, which uses 100% recycled packaging.

Laura Clarke, senior marketing manager at All Bar One said: “While taste is an incredibly important factor for our customers when choosing a beer or cider, they also want to know where it’s come from and how it’s been produced.

“Now more than ever our customers are actively looking for brands that seek to make a positive impact on the world – whether that’s finding a way to reduce plastic, decrease waste or provide clean water for communities. 

“With that in mind, we’ve decided to launch a new dedicated menu of sustainable beers and ciders to help our customers support a more sustainable future.”