UK cocktail industry surpasses £600m in 2018

The UK cocktail industry surpassed £600m in value according to the latest CGA data released by Funkin Cocktails.

The total value came to £604m in 2018 and the Pornstar Martini retained its title as the nation’s favourite serve, up 14% on the previous year.

“The popularity of cocktails in the UK continues to grow and shows no signs of waning, with the market currently growing by almost 10% year on year and the number of consumers drinking cocktails has increased by almost 10% year on year too,” said Ben Anderson, marketing director at Funkin Cocktails.

“The cocktail industry is thriving, bartenders are becoming more creative and consumers becoming better educated and more discerning.”

The Mojito retained its spot in second in terms of popularity, while the Espresso Martini jumped to sixth and the Piña Colada moved to eighth.

“Classic cocktails are the key to driving customer footfall and maximising sales,” added Anderson. “We offer a total cocktail solution for bartenders of all abilities and experience and our product portfolio, which is 96% vegan friendly, blends flavour innovation with natural ingredients.”