Rioja harvest report 2019

The 2019 harvest in the Rioja DOCa saw approximately 385m kg of grapes harvested, of which 342m kg were red.

As the 2019 harvest in the Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja drew to a close, the denomination has declared a smaller yield.


However the “outstanding overall health of the vines” is said to be made possible by good weather conditions throughout October. 

“Although it is still early to look at the results, we have high hopes that this vintage will be recorded as a memorable year in the history of Rioja wine”, said Pablo Franco, director of the Control Chamber of the Denomination.


“The harvests have taken place according to the corresponding and appropriate times of a typical harvest, facilitating the selection and entry of the grapes into the wineries”, added Franco.


In terms of the wines produced “the first impressions of quality are really encouraging; the rains came just at the right moment and the vegetative conditions have been exceptional all year round which has allowed us to obtain balanced wines with great aromatic intensity and very good colour extraction”.


Acording to the Rioja DOCa, 2019 could be a vintage year that reflects the skills of both growers and producers in managing the weather conditions.