Bramble launches first menu in 13 years

Bramble cocktail bar in Edinburgh has created a new menu for the first time since opening 13 years ago.

The menu, which has taken eight months to prepare, launches on January 15 and focuses on “clear and concise flavour profiles”, according to bar manager Michael Lynch.

“This menu is a complete overhaul, with a thoroughly fresh outlook for a new decade. We’re freshening up our approach, just like we did when we opened in 2006, when we analysed the important factors we wanted in a cocktail menu,” said co-founder Mike Aikman.

“A lot has changed in the cocktail world since then, so it is important for us to try and stay relevant, while appealing to our existing, loyal customers and focusing on customer service.”

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Save the date - new menu time!

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Bramble has featured multiple times on the 50 Best Bars list and some of the new ideas on the menu take inspiration from Filipino culture.

“Some drinks, like the Mint 500, Campbeltown Cocktail, or the Celery Sour, have become synonymous with Bramble and are ordered almost automatically so it becomes difficult to remove them from the menu for fear of alienating our regular clientele,” added Aikman.

“In the end, we thought rather than just switching in a few drinks every quarter we would just rip it up and start again.

“Integral to this process was looking at our namesake, the Bramble itself. We still love them and making them for customers but having made so many of them we thought we could take a different slant on it - using similar flavours but presented completely differently.”