COVID-19 Emergency Fund goes live today

Members of the British drinks trade that have lost their income due to the coronavirus outbreak can apply for a one-off grant worth £250 this week.

The COVID-19 Emergency Fund goes live today and it will remain open until Friday, April 10. Pernod Ricard and Concha y Toro are among the firms that have contributed to the fund, which was established by The Drinks Trust, formerly known as The Benevolent.

The drinks trade charity has raised more than 400,000 and it will now be distributed to drinks trade workers that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

This initiative is targeted at the following two groups:

  1. Those who have been made redundant and subsequently not been reinstated, meaning they are unable to benefit from the salary grant scheme set out by the Chancellor.
  2. Those on zero hours contracts who will receive only small levels of financial benefit from the salary support measures outlined by the Chancellor.

They must have worked in the on-trade, off-trade or at a supplier. Qualifying individuals will be able to access a one-off financial grant of £250, payable directly into their bank account.