Carpano targeting bartender relations during COVID-19

Carpano Botanic Bitter has focused on connecting with bartenders throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in order to further infiltrate the Negroni market globally.

The brand launched into the UK in March as a more premium alternative to Campari, targeting the Negroni and Americano cocktails specifically.

The bitter is owned by the Branca Family, which also owns Fernet Branca, and aligns closely with the existing Carpano range.

“We saw the opportunity to create a new premium, quality bitter that's perfect for Negroni and Americano cocktails: something new and distinctive yet rooted in artisanal quality,” said Nicolas Olianas, global brand ambassador of the Branca Distillery.

“We know there is a strong global desire for a new and different premium bitter that suits people’s demand for high quality ingredients.”

Since the vast majority of on-trade venues have been forced to close under government ruling around the world, the cocktail industry is suffering a blow in sales.

Olianas added: “Our routines and drinking habits will most probably change after this state of emergency but we truly believe that the consumers’ preference for high quality ingredients and bartenders’ preparation skills will stay, if not become stronger.

“During this period we are keeping connected with both bartenders and consumers with frequent live streaming and updates on Instagram.

“We currently have 20 minutes of entertainment going live three or four days a week, our brand ambassadors are connecting with bartenders, making both classic and innovative cocktails.

“Our approach is spontaneous and friendly, sharing knowledge about bartending skills, quality of ingredients, brand stories and anecdotes. Everyone who tunes in can interact during the show and, fundamental during this period, stay connected.”