Prosecco rosé gets international go-ahead

Prosecco DOC producers are now legally allowed to export Prosecco DOC rosé after it gained approval in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Producers pre-sold the vast majority of the bottles before the wine was even produced and regulations require ageing for at least 60 days before Prosecco DOC rosé can be made available to consumers. 

Approximately 20m bottles are already distributed within Italy but the consortium expects this figure to grow internationally.

Consortium president, Stefano Zanette, said: “Of the 486m (prosecco) bottles produced, about 80% of them are exported, and thanks to European recognition it is estimated that sales will find greater stimulus and vigour in the last quarter of 2020.

“I congratulate those producers who have shown themselves to be very ready to seize this opportunity, committing themselves right away so as not to be caught unprepared."