C.Gars brings Key West First Legal Rum to the UK

UK-based cigar and whisky merchant C.Gars has become the exclusive importer and distributor for Key West First Legal Rum for the UK and EU.

The Floridian rum brand, first launched in the US by Chef Paul Menta in 2013, cure their barrels in seawater from the Gulf of Mexico prior before ageing.

The salt-curing process involves each barrel being filled with seawater and left overnight. The barrel is then emptied for a week until a white crust forms and all the water has evaporated. 

According to C.Gars chairman Ron Morrison, this process alters the character of the rum. 

"Their unusually rounded smoothness made me question what was going on! The answer was clearly the innovative way this small team cured their barrels in seawater from the Gulf of Mexico,” commented Morrison.

Key West Raw & Unfiltered Rum is aged in new US oak barrels and salt-cured. While Bad Bitch Spanish Marie Rum is aged in Burgundy and Bordeaux oak barrels that previously contained red wine, also salt-cured at the distillery. Both rums are distilled six-times, using demerara sugar.

Both rums are available to purchase online via C.Gars or the Whisky Merchant and in the off-trade through at Turmeaus Cigars & Whisky stores at RRP £59.99 per 750ml.