KAH Tequila targets major expansion in 2021

Super premium brand KAH Tequila is planning large-scale global expansion in 2021 starting with China and Russia.

The Amber Beverage Group brand is also set to expand into Canada and duty free as well as other key markets throughout the year.

Amber Beverage Group’s main distributor in China, ChinaBev, is set to become the number one super-premium tequila importer in the country and one of its main focuses will be KAH Tequila.

Evija Sparāne, KAH Tequila’s global brand director, said, “KAH has all the prerequisites to succeed in China – its authentic origin and brand story, as well as being a globally appreciated tequila, are elements Chinese customers value highly.

“However, having a great brand is not enough. What is equally important is finding the right distribution partner who shares the same vision, passion and level of ambitions for the brand as we do.”

In 2020, shipments to Russia grew significantly in comparison with 2019 thanks to KAH’s local partner Altair and the brand is also expanding its distribution within existing duty free accounts, such as Cavo Luigi, Overseas, B&S Paul Global, African & Eastern.

According to Amber Beverage Group, the company is now having “extensive discussions” with many new markets about launching KAH Tequila and is set to expand its distribution base into the Mediterranean region and the Middle East, in areas such as Turkey, Cyprus, Dubai, as well as Spain and India.