Jinro tops The Millionaires' Club for 20th consecutive year

Korean Soju giant Jinro has topped Drinks International's The Millionaire Club for the 20th year in a row having added 9m 9-litre cases in 2020.

The Millionaires’ Club is an annual list of spirits brands around the world which record annual sales volumes exceeding 1m 9-litre cases and the Soju producer has now been top every year since 2001.

Jinro’s 10% increase in volumes takes its total sales to 95.3m cases in the 12 months of 2020, which is more than three times the size of the next biggest brand in the list.

To put the increased performance of Jinro into context, the extra 9m cases added last year is more than the annual volumes of Hennessy, Jameson or Baileys.

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In Summer 2020, Jinro told Drinks International that it was planning to increase its export strategy with a focus on Southeast Asia. The producer said its domestic market share had also grown 10% since 2015 to nearly 60% and a successful rebrand last year has contributed significantly to the brand’s recent success.

“Ultimately, through the localisation of soju in western countries such as the US, Russia and European countries, we will complete the globalisation of soju, which is our final goal,” said Hwang Jung-ho, executive managing director at Hite Jinro.

“At this time, all the employees at headquarters and overseas corporations are striving to make Hite Jinro become a leading company in the global spirits market, just like Diageo and Pernod Ricard.”