Edelweiss enters new Asian markets

Heineken has launched its wheat beer brand, Edelweiss, into new markets across Asia-Pacific alongside a new TV ad campaign.

Edelweiss is a Hefeweizen-style beer brewed with a traditional Austrian recipe using barley and soft wheat, as well as alpine plants.

“Following a successful pilot launch in Korea, Edelweiss continues its ascent with a roll out in Asia-Pacific, including China, Singapore and Malaysia, also launching in Russia and Denmark,” said Malgorzata Lubelska, senior director global international brands at Heineken.

“We are excited for Edelweiss to join our International Brand portfolio and to introduce our first global campaign, Feel the Alps, taking the viewer on a cinematographic, sensory journey through the Alpine landscape.”

Feel the Alps will air across TV & digital in Korea and Russia this summer and it will premier in other markets later this year.