Takamaka enters 11 new markets across Europe

Trois Frères Distillery, the makers of Takamaka Rum in the Seychelles, will launch into 11 new markets as the brand continues its global expansion plans.

The family-owned distillery’s products will now be available in France through the La Maison du Whisky, while Beverage Hunters will take them to Spain and Venka Vojo will distribute across eastern Europe. 

The announcement comes following Takamaka’s expansion of its distillery at La Plaine St Andre and full brand redesign in 2021 and Takamaka is now available in 28 markets around the world.

Takamaka was founded by Bernard and Richard D’Offay 20 years ago who have built the brand into the number one spirit on the island nation. 

Takamaka now has the first molasses distillery in the Seychelles, with a new continuous column still allowing them to produce more than 200,000L a year which, combined with the cane distillery, allows the brand to deliver on its long-term plans.