Kirker Greer Spirits launches Japanese brand Ukiyo

Kirker Greer Spirits has launched a new Japanese spirits brand called Ukiyo which features two gins and a rice vodka coming soon.

The two gins; Ukiyo Blossom Gin and Ukiyo Yuzu Gin are made in Kagoshima near the Sakurajima volcano and use local grain which is first distilled into traditional Japanese shōchū.

This is then redistilled with juniper, mandarin and other spices before being infused with Sakura flower or zesty Yuzu to create the two expressions.

Bottled at 40% abv, the spirits sold out prior to their launch but will eventually be available internationally in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Australia. 

John Soden, CCO of Kirker Greer Spirits said: “Our customers are really intrigued by these truly unique spirits and feedback from the initial samples was phenomenal, not only on the taste but on the striking visual impact of the bottles too.”