Canada on-trade sales exceed pre-pandemic levels

On-trade sales in Canada have climbed 4% higher than pre-pandemic levels, according to new data from CGA.

The research firm revealed that sales in the week to September 4 were 33% ahead of the same period in 2020, and 4% higher than the equivalent week in 2019.

A metric called “value velocity”, which assesses the momentum of the sector, is down 5% on the previous week, but it remains comfortably higher than 2020 and ahead of 2019.

Mitch Stefani, CGA’s client solutions manager for the Americas, said: “On-premise velocity in outlets currently trading is 33% higher than the same time last year in the week to September 4, and 4% against the equivalent week in 2019.

“This continued momentum of travel implies that we could see the current 2021 velocity levels start to hit 2019 levels in the next few weeks.”