Tiempo Tequila launches with limited-edition first batch

Tiempo Tequila has debuted its first limited-edition batch of Reposado Cristalino Tequila in the UK.

The run of 1,320 bottles has been created using traditional processes in Jalisco, Mexico and is the culmination of a six-year development process.

The tequila is crafted from 100% mature blue weber agave, grown, and harvested in the Altos and Valley regions of Jalisco and produced by master distiller, Augustin Sanchez Rodriguez without any chemical intervention.

“[Tiempo Tequila] is made of mature agave, natural yeast, and volcanic spring water, nothing else,” co-founder James Hughston told Drinks International.

“For me, 100% agave is not enough anymore. You get brands that are using 100% agave but have soaked their agave in acid. There’s a lot more to it than 100% agave, it’s about the manufacturing and distillation process. We’ve even experimented playing music to it!”

In the spirit of this, Tiempo Tequila uses traditional ovens and autoclaves to steam the agave for 48 hours, and extraction is carried out by roller mill, not by the controversial diffuser method that uses high-pressure water to strip sugars from agave fibres.

The liquid is then twice distilled in pot stills and then aged for up to a year in American white oak whiskey casks.

The limited-edition bottle is presented in a gift box designed by Latin American illustrator Alan Berry Rhys, who has created all the brand’s artwork.

In recent years, agave spirits producers have found themselves at the centre of a discussion about sustainable practices. An agave shortage has put prices for the crop at an all-time high, and typically for every litre of tequila produced results in five kg of pulp and 10 litres of liquid waste.

Tiempo has implemented sustainable agave farming practices, reduced CO2 emissions and reuses agave waste. The packaging is made with recycled glass and sustainably printed and inked labels with natural cork and a wooden stopper. The brand is also providing living wages for its growing and production team.

“It takes time to create a tequila that is pure, sustainable, and beautifully versatile, but also respectfully reflects Mexican tradition and Cantina culture,” said Hughston.

“This is a celebration of Mexico, its craft and the people who make it possible -- not the inauthentic celebrity saturated market, nor sub-par liquids consumers, unfortunately, associate with the spirit.”

Tiempo Tequila is also available to purchase online at Amazon, House of Malt, Master of Malt and directly from the brand’s website for £54.99, 70cl, 40% ABV.