Amarula launches vegan variant

South African cream liqueur brand Amarula has launched a vegan variant to serve the growing proportion of consumers that are adopting plant-based diets.

It is made with the African marula fruit, paired with flavours of coconut, caramel and vanilla, but the new variant is dairy-free. It uses coconut milk instead of cow’s milk.

It comes in a 70cl bottle, which is available for order now in the global travel retail channel. Brand owner Distell will launch a sampling drive at key international airports to boost awareness of the new range extension.

Amarula global brand lead Charmelle Conning said: “While we wanted to introduce this new plant- based variant, it was important that we did not compromise on the unique taste that people love. We wanted to embrace our African spirit while still evolving as a brand. Amarula Vegan does just this – it’s a real indulgence that stays true to our exotic taste, that just happens to also be vegan.

“Taste and togetherness are core to the brand, and we wanted to make sure that everyone could experience the feel-good indulgence that our product offers, on any occasion, despite their dietary choices or restrictions.”

In other news, Amarula has unveiled new-look packaging for all its variants. The latest packaging brings together a range of design elements that communicate the brand’s distinctive attributes.