Lyre’s founder joins Ful advisory board

Co-founder and chief exec of non-alcoholic spirit brand Lyre’s, Mark Livings, has joined the advisory board of Ful, a producer of climate-positive, sparkling spirulina drinks.

Ful was created in the Netherlands in September 2021 by three climate entrepreneurs, Julia Streuli, Cristina Prat and Sara Guaglio, and launched in the UK in January.

“I’m delighted to be advising the team at Ful Foods as they undertake their mission to unleash the full climate and food potential of micro-algae as everyday human nutrition,” said Livings.

“The possibilities for meaningful climate impact if we can achieve mass adoption are truly amazing.”

The functional beverage brand promises “immense health benefits” and has launched in three flavours, white peach, lemon and ginger, and lime & mint, that can be used as an ingredient in alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Livings has joined the board with the view to help move Ful from an innovative emerging brand to a defining product in the growing premium soft drinks market.

“What he [Livings] has built with Lyre's offers a compelling model for how to build a truly disruptive global brand at breakneck speed,” said co-founder Julia Streuli.

“He's a force in reshaping the beverage industry and we couldn't think of a better leader to join our advisory board. Needless to say, we feel incredibly fortunate.”