Sweden’s government-owned liquor stores stop selling Russian products

Sweden’s alcohol monopoly, Systembolaget, has removed all Russian-made vodka and other types of Russian alcohol from its shelves with immediate effect, in protest of the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

The move comes after Finland’s alcohol monopoly, Alko, announced a similar boycott.

In a statement, assortment manager at Systembolaget, Ulf Sjödin described the situation as “exceptional” and that Systembolaget has taken the development “very seriously.”

He added: “As stated by the Swedish government, among others, Russia's armed attacks violate Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty. The attack causes great suffering to the Ukrainian people.

“The situation in Ukraine is exceptional and the invasion is a clear violation of international law. Against this background, Systembolaget has decided to immediately and for the time being stop the sale of all Russian articles in Systembolaget's range, and to cancel all planned launches of Russian articles.”