Green to leave lasting legacy beyond DI

The announcement of Martin Green’s departure from Drinks International marks the end of an era for Agile Media and a significant loss for the wider drinks trade.

Green joined the company a decade ago as deputy editor at Off Licence News. He took over as editor in 2015 and rebranded the magazine as Drinks Retailing News in 2017.

During his time on the magazine, Drinks Retailing News increased its circulation and improved its commercial performance. He notably teamed up with the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group to spearhead a successful Westminster campaign that brought an end to Reducing the Strength schemes, which threatened the livelihoods of various drinks retailers and craft beer producers, and covered seismic changes in the industry.

Over the years, Green’s career has taken him across the globe, from California’s Napa Valley to South Africa, Australia and the north of Sweden, and he leaves behind a strong legacy. 

“I’ve enjoyed covering a dynamic and interesting industry for the past 10 years,” says Green. “It has been a pleasure to write about the intricacies of beer, wine and spirits production, along with sales, marketing and consumer trends, but I’ve mainly loved telling the inspiring stories of passionate winemakers, brewers, distillers, retailers and bartenders. 

“It’s with a heavy heart that I’m leaving a great job in such a warm and convivial industry, but I’m delighted to be handing the reins to Shay Waterworth. He has excelled in his role as deputy editor of Drinks International, and I’m confident that he will lead the magazine to new heights in the years ahead.” 

After five years leading Drinks Retailing News, Green was appointed editor of Drinks International in early 2020, just as Covid-19 was taking effect on the world. 

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit as many iconic bars and distilleries around the world as I hoped to after taking over as editor of Drinks International, given the outbreak of the pandemic. Yet I hope that over the past couple of years the magazine has helped to educate, entertain and inform our readers during such difficult and uncertain times. The global drinks trade has emerged intact from the most challenging of circumstances and I believe it has a great future ahead of it, so I look forward to reading all about it in Drinks International.” 

Green will pursue a freelance career from April onwards and will be sorely missed by the wider team at Agile Media.