The Art of Shaking launches to educate top-level bartenders

Ever since the world was pinned down by the effects of Covid-19 there’s been a surge in online tutorials from both brands and bartenders demonstrating basic shaking techniques and the ‘perfect Mojito’. However, at the industry’s top level there’s been a drought in innovative education, until now.

Bartending icon Simone Caporale - owner of World’s 50 Best Bars member Sips in Barcelona -  alongside Luca Missaglia, of Cocktail Concierge Agency, have launched The Art of Shaking. The new platform is the first independent online resource dedicated to cocktail menu development and 'tending techniques.

The Art of Shaking is for experienced bartenders,” says Caporale. “When we talk about techniques, we aren’t going to demonstrate how to shake a drink or make a Mojito, that’s pointless because it’s widely available online for free. The content we’ve created is at the very top level, providing unique techniques which can manipulate flavours and allow bartenders to create their own drinks and menus.

“For example one of my favourite chapters is when we demonstrate the results from squeezing citrus fruits in different ways, and this would never have been considered at a trade show or workshop.”

The series of professional videos have been filmed at Caporale’s Sips and endorsed by major figures in the bar industry including Alex Kratena, Ago Perrone, Salvatore Calabrese and Giorgio Bargiani.

Caporale adds: “This isn’t about teaching bartenders to make drinks. It’s about showcasing techniques which can manipulate flavours and therefore allow them to make their own cocktail menus - that’s the power.

“Of course independent bars will take it up, but also bigger groups are constantly struggling to create new content for their menus and this platform can definitely give them enough ideas to differentiate their offering.”

Missaglia says: “Brands can also benefit from The Art of Shaking because they can share it with their clients and bartenders around the world, and instead of hiring a consultant venues can use it to train their staff even easier, in their own time.”

Before the pandemic Caporale told Drinks International he would host 45 masterclasses a year on average and train up to 5,000 bartenders. But instead of filming him on their phones they now have access to content in high definition and on demand.

Missaglia adds: “We knew it needed to be easily accessible so having it available from your phone or laptop is perfect for bartenders. We’ve been working on this concept for two years now so it’s exciting to see it all fall into place.”

The Art of Shaking will initially launch with three courses; Cocktail Menu, Cocktail Development and Bar Techniques and subscribers are able to choose between a premium or all inclusive package depending on their needs.

Caporale concludes: “We won’t stop creating content, it will continue and evolve as we learn new cutting-edge techniques which we want to share, and which are worth paying for.”